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best dancing classes
best dancing classes
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Mini Expressive Dance – (ages 18-23 months)Mommy and me class , we do ask a parent to come into class at this age until your little one is comfortable on there own. Mini Expressive Dance introduces the young dancer to social interaction, motor skills, and creative movement with props

Expressive Dance – (ages 2 – 4 years old). This class is an introduction to ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling with emphasis on the creativity and imagination of the child. Expressive Dance introduces the young dancer to the art of movement through creative games and stories. The emphasis being on the different disciplines of dance and it is taught in a fun and interactive format using themes and props to boost the imagination of the dancer. Dance attire – any color leotard, skirt optional, tights, pink ballet shoes and tan buckle Mary Jane style tap shoes.

Ballet/Jazz – (ages 5-8 years old). This class is a beginning to intermediate level class with emphasis on technique, musicality and FUN! Students will be exposed to the basic terminology and technique that goes hand in hand with ballet and jazz. Dance attire – any color leotard, boy shorts and tank tops are allowed (non – restrictive clothing) pink ballet shoes can be worn for both the ballet and jazz segment of the class.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz – (ages 5 – 8 years old). This is an hour and a half combination class focusing on the three disciplines of dance. This class typically appeals to the beginning and or intermediate dancer and focuses on beginning to intermediate choreography, terminology and technique with an emphasis of having FUN!! Dance attire is the same as a ballet/jazz class.

Technique/Pre-Point – Depending upon the level of experience this class focuses solely on ballet technique which includes a strong portion of the class taking place at the ballet barre. Technique is a class created for the serious and committed dancer who wants to give specialized attention to improving their technique. Combinations and choreography are part of this class however, the emphasis is on ballet technique. Dance attire – non – restrictive clothing. Teacher must be able to see and correct body lines.

Pointe – this class comes with a teacher recommendation. No dancer will be going on pointe unless they are experienced and capable. Pointe shoes are required. Dance attire same as technique class.

Leaps and Turns – this high energy class focuses primarily on jumps, leaps, pirouettes and turns and prepares the dancer for more advanced combinations in other classes such as jazz and contemporary. Additionally, this class is designed to improve jump/leap technique, flexibility, stamina/endurance, control and height. Dance attire same as technique class.

Acro/Tumbling – is centered towards acrobatic technique which will ultimately increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination endurance and confidence. The emphasis of this class is proper hand placement and body alignment which in turn focuses on the muscles and flexibility needed to perform proper acro/tumbling technique in a safe environment. Attire – non- restrictive clothing.

Hip Hop – encompasses a variety of different urban and popular dance styles. This class gives dancers the opportunity to incorporate freestyle moves with taught choreography which allows the dancer the chance to develop their own sense of style and funk. Hip Hop teaches coordination, rhythm and musicality without inappropriate moves or music. This class allows the moment for the dancer to think on their feet and bust a move while having FUN in yet another high energy and positive dance class.  Dancewear – any clothing that is non – restrictive is appropriate for this class. Tennis shoes or jazz shoes a must.

Tap – designed to incorporate and develop rhythm, sound and style for the dancer. Dancers will learn different tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm Tap along with a variety of other styles incorporated into the class. Dancers will put tap fundamentals in place by learning new steps, rhythms, patterns and combinations. Dance Attire – non – restrictive clothing, black oxford or slip on tap shoes.

Jazz – is an exploration of funk, style and presentation. This class focuses on flexibility, conditioning, stretching, and of course rhythm, style and FUN!! Dancers will also focus on leaps, turns and combinations across the floor.

Lyrical – the dancer is the story teller in this class!! Lyrical dance pushes dancers and teachers to use motion to express emotion and interpret the music. This style of dance is emotional, passionate and REAL. Lyrical dance is a combo of ballet, jazz, and modern dance.

Musical Theater –  is a mixture of ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance that typically contains a piece of Broadway, a story, a journey…… the theater. This class typically includes dance technique and acting to songs from Broadway shows and musicals.